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the greatest thing was the
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way he just loved serving. >> all of us will ultimately be judged and as the years pass we will surely judge ourselves. we have contributed to building a new world society and the extent to which our ideals and goals have shaped that event. >> for his family he was a guardian. for america, he was the defender of a dream. >> ted kennedy was in fact the last surviving son of a political legacy, a legend in american politics. and a man some call one of the great senators of our time. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm windy rieger in for doreen. the nation mourns the death of senator kennedy. michelle franzen starts us off. >> reporter: a lone spotlight illuminated by a hazard ship in hyannisport, a beacon of hope
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off the shore of the kennedy family compound. inside family and friends including senator john kerry gather to mourn and reflect on the great life lost. >> there is a very beautiful and personal, private, vigil taking place. it's very spiritual and -- about as -- beautiful as it could be. i think it is everything that senator ken tnedy would have wanted. private and public tributes. kennedy would have loved. [ "taps" plays ] at at fenway park, taps played in his honor. and flags flew at half staff, near his home to capitol hill. >> the liberal lion's mighty roar. i'll always remember. may now fall silent. his dreams shall never die. >> those who knew kennedy personally or from his dogged leadership in the senate said he
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fought until the end, battling brain cancer, and at the same time helping shape health care legislation. today president obama who received kennedy's backing during his run for the white house, sent his contributions can be felt each day. >> his ideas and ideals are stamped on scores of laws and reflected in millions of lives. sailboat maya and the rock who steered the family through waves of tragedy and triumph. and over the coming days the tributes will build. tomorrow, senator kennedy's body will be taken to boston. where he will lie in rose at the john f. kennedy presidential library on saturday a funeral service in boston. in hyannis port, nbc news. the hope still lives and the
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dream shall never die. >> a group of about 75 people attended a candlelight vigil in kennedy's honor. in dupont circle several told us they wanted to recognize the man who made his life's work to champion causes. one man read some of kennedy's chst famouesspamchee. >> as michelle francen pnted out the famil will take,senar o bostoody few boston. there it will lieep rose athn fl brliy and museum. aritevabr funeral mass will be pehe saturdayur ot a our etl. perpetual. and his body then flown for burial at arlington nlationaet cemetery. where the bodies of his brothers john and robert also rest. ted kennedy's tenure as a u.s. senator along with two years in the army qualify him for burial at arlington. the senator's grave is expected to be about 95 feet south of where the eternal flame burns in
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memory of president kennedy. for more on senator kenneds io legacy we invite you to vit our website. search ted kennedy. in other news tonight. a tire spun off a truck on the beltway, hurdled the median and slammed into an suv. tonight we are hearing from the driver of the vehicle who has an incredible story. craig melvin at the state police barracks. around noon, the indn native and his wife had just finished taking their oath of citizenship. tonight they have two things to celebrate. they're american citizens. today they narrowly escaped death. >> the couple pledged their aloge ans to america as citizens for the fir gs time. allegiance to america as
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citizens for the first time. they sang as they cised on the outer loop. >> i thought we would die. >> a dumptruck in the opposite lane, hilt debris and lost two tires. one of them headed for the lexus, suv. >> i didn't know what to do. i couldn't stop. hundreds of cars behind me. so i just paused for a moment. tried to slow down. and i saw it coming. >> unable to stop he swerved. >> you know you are going to die. there is nothing to be scared about. my son, my daughter. so i parade to god. >> a quick prayer. then, impact. >> hit the driver's side first. and then the windshield smashed into a million pieces. thought i would go blind. and my hands. and -- i saw blood coming out. >> then they pulled over. >> i drove the car into the emergency lane and stopped. the moment she got out. she gave me a hug.
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and you know she -- crying. >> wednesday night the family is all smiles. thankful and certain. >> me and my wife, we weren't going to live today. it's impossible. still don't know how it happened. we are still alive. >> and tonight that couple has another thing to celebrate tomorrow. they're going to move their oldest son into the dorm. at the university of maryland. i talked to him tonight. he told me he is thrilled that m and dad are okay. but he is, a little bummed that his college car is probably a total loss. we are live in rockville tonight. craig melvin, back to you. >> still a lucky day. thanks, craig. >> new tropical storm foirnld tfoirnld -- storm formed in the atlantic ocean and could become a threat to the east coast: >> its name is danny. you can see. we are going to put night motion since early this morning. a big, big cluster. center of circulation is out here. a lot of stuff is out over the
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ocean. i'm looking at some of the very late indications. it will be a threat to the east coast. i think more and more, a diminishing threat. it is still going to have an impact for those heading to the beaches this weekend i will tell you about that when i john you downstairs. afghan's president, hamid c karzai, more results. will not be certified until mid september because of claims of election fraud. with 17% recorded now, karzai has 44% of the vote. he will need 50% to avoid a run-off. his closest challenger, abdullah, abdullah has 35 at this point. coming up -- michael vick preparing to play in his first game. protestors in philadelphia. >> cash for clunkers is over. cash for appliances next. will it be nearly as successful. >> caught cheat, a husband displays a modern day scarlet letter on a busy street corner. bob has our weather.
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how about sports? let's talk about that. former team mates. waiting to play against him on friday. butler talks nba championship as wizards get ready to head to china. and hernandez, a curre nat and
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two transgender people stabbed in the district. one fatally. does not appear to be a hate crime. this occurred in the 200 block of q street. both taken to the hospital. one died the other expected to live. again both were transgendered. police have not released the victim's identity. >> public school teacher in virginia is still in jail. on sex, drug and pornography charges tonight. scott howe his name. teaches reading and math at cedar lee middle school. he is 33 years old and is facing
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child sex charges involving a 15-year-old boy, and deputies originally went to his house after receiving a tip that the teacher was growing mare juan nan his backyard. authorities say they found marijuana and evidence of child pornography. he is also produced with making child pornography. city of philadelphia hosting two different kinds of tailgate parties when michael vick makes his return to the nfl football field tomorrow. the disgraced quarterback was signed by the eagles two weeks ago expected to play for the first time in two years tomorrow. eagle fans are planning their usual tailgate parties. dog lovers will be tlog a competing tailgate to protest vick and raise awareness. vick served 18 months in prison for bank rolling a dog fighting ring in which many animals did not survive and were horribly abused. cash for clunkers program finished under the budget. >> another airlineecid do es t
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raise fees. you better bring your credit card to the airport. >> a journalist who made his mark during some of the country's biggest murder trials has died. d
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flying on u.s. airways will cost a few more bucks. the airline is raising the fees by $5. when you check one bag at the airport it will cost you $25. the second bag will cost you $35. airlines continue to raise their fees to make up for their huge financial losses. a well thought out revenge, had heads turning in tyson's corner this morning. william taylor stood outside on a busy street cner with a sign around his neck. taylor said his wife found evidence of him having an affair on his cell phone. she made him stand on leesburg pike with a board that reads i cheated this is my punishment. his wife texted him to say he could go home after about two hours. it was a hot day out there,
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standing with the billboard of any kind wasn't it, bob? >> hot day no matter what. >> not going to go there. not going to touch that. no way, wendy. not getting me into this. ouide tonight. and this evening. beautiful evening. our temperatures -- now into the 80s with the humidity, begun coming back a bit. 82 degrees outside right now. look at the high temperatures, no records today. ourtemperature, 92 degrees. a lot of 90s. alas. 50, 50, no, no, not 90 degree days. 95 degree days in a row. in south texas. the drought goes on there. corpus christi. what a summer the poor folks there have had. dallas right now. 88 degrees. here we are in washington. the humidity is coming back a little bit. the real weathermaker for us the next one is this. little weather front that will be sliding to our south. there it is you can seep the clouds and the circulation of danny. right now, danny is still 675
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miles southeast of cape hatteras. look at where it is. the water temperatures are into the mid 80s. and the reports from the buoys there are, seas about 15 feet. but the main circulation all those clouds, see all the cloud. those are out to the east. there is where the center of the circulation of danny is. so as it continues to move towards the east and northeast. i'm thinking, a lot of trend indications. more and more that it will not be, not be a big threat. would i change my plans if i was heading to the beaches for this weekend? no. would i make any big changes in plans? no. because now the -- the cone of uncertainty if you will the area where it is most probable to track continues to be more and more towards the east. not towards the coast. that's the good news. there will be some high surf. a lot of -- nasty weather in the form of some showers. at the beaches over the weekend. but not anything that will have a major impact on us nor do i really think for the beaches
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even on the weekend. tomorrow, we'll have the humidity. and with that weather front near us and then sort of sagging to our south, as we get into friday there will be some rainshowers not anything to do with tropical weather or danny. this time of the year in august. meantime. tomorrow morning. partly cloudy. temperatures will be in the high 60s to low 70s. we'll see a day with a lot more in the way of cloudiness. there may be showers. blue ridge. mountains of west virginia. tomo dows tomorrow i don't thino 9090 degrees. and there we are. for the remainder of the week. and we get into saturday. we may see some showers. but i think less and less liky that we are going to be seeing some showers here from danny. maybe some breezes. again. out of the beaches. there will be90 a heavy b .rfsu and then as we on int sunday. anything will be moving off as we get on into the reamemainder
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the week. next week looks pretty good. >> thank you, bob. >> final numbers are in, almost 700,000 cars were sold under the cash for clunkers program tt ended monday night. government numbers show dealers submitted more than 690,000 vouchers totaling $2.9 billion. japanese cars were the best-sellers. toyota, honda and nissan. beat out the detroit auto makers. gm, ford, chrysler. most popular car purchased under the program the toyota corolla. top american seller, ford focus. if you didn't g the new car, you can cash in on new home appliances this fall. because a new government program similar to cash for clunkers will give consumers rebates when they been more efficient units. jackie benson has more on the program coming this fall. >> kitchenaid. >> these days customers at the
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appliance store in arlington have a lot more to think about than just the color of the new fridge. >> would you consider a built-in. >> generally, that's one of the, one of, maybe the first or second thing people ask for when ask for an appliance like, we ask them, what are you looking for? washing machine. i would look whitener gee st en. millions in federal dollars are being focused on ap a -- sucking appliances. >> around the $425 range. now it is in the $56 range. >> customers across the u.s. are eligible for rebates of $50 to $200 by buying new energy star rated appliances. university of maryland economist, peter marissi says to
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succeed in stimulating the economy the program must achieve certain things. >> we want to make sure folks are trading in appliances, and mostly for homeowners. as we want to make sure that the appliances themselves is made in america so the economy benefits. after all this is supposed to be an american stimulus package. >> the government wants you to know that unlike the cash for clunkers program with cars, you do not have to bring in your old appliances. in order to get the rebate. jackie benson, news 4. still ahead. singers in washington auditioning for a chance at the spotlight. >> and, sports -- coming to d.c. be a different uniform though, stay tuned.
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back and looked pretty good. this is cool. hernandez started his reunion tour in chicago. the wily veteran pitched a nice game. six innings in his nationals return. gave up two runs. problem is, the nats offense was tuckered out. they scored two runs. the nationals fall in chicago, to the cubs, in their debut, 9-4. wicked off speed pitch. struck out six and gave up two runs in six innings. quality start there. fifth inning. nationals, 2-1. christian guzman to the plate. send ts one right up the gut. coming in to score. ties the game. guzman, banked 305. 7th inning, still tied.
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milton bradley at the dish. he squibs one right over to third. check out zimmerman. bare handing it. coming home. but the throw is way off the mark. not a good throw by zimmerman. scores. the cubs take the lead. and they go on to beat the nationals 9-4. all right. redskins news now. and carlos rogers out for preseason game number three. both are nursing injuries. hope to be back soon. redskins, trying to find then zone for the first time this preseason. they face two excellent defenses, ravens and steelers. the patriots are on deck. and bring a familiar face to fed ex field. sean springs now playing in new england. springs spent five productive years in washington. productive when healthy. the only real knock on springs. it is one that is often brought up by his former teammates. and very much looking forward to facing their old buddy.
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>> you know, just because we are not on the same team. we will be friends. you know i have -- from the sideline over there. >> prut sure. i remember seeing him at the tennis match. couple weeks ago. and i can't way to play. and we had in practice. now get to come to the line. and springs if you play. i know, preseason game. so if you play. >> guys are saying that out there. good to see sean on the field friday if he plays. 30 years ago, abe polin and the bullets the first nba team to visit china. in a few days a group is commemorating the historic trip going back to china. wes unseld will join randy foy and butler on the adventure. butler helps the trip will build momentum for the season. >> take that experience. come back. and talk about the championship
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days. and you know, their legacy what they're trying to do. we trying to do something special. and if not. i think it should be safe. people shouldn't be scared to miss the champnship. i feel like we have a lot of teams to play. management did a great job this summer. now got to put it together. have a great coach. and you know we got to go out there and get wins and produce and not feel like we can get the job done. i am ready. gilbert is ready. went down to chicago. saw him. he looks great. antoine, and all summer. everybody has put in the extra work. so, you know, you know time to go out there and try to compete for the championship. >> championship. >> yeah. >> love it. >> they have a lot, they have a lot of talent. this is, this is a team that brought in some pieces. if everybody is healthy. >> thanks. >> coming up, south carolina's governor respond to new calls for his resignation.
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best-selling author dominik dunne died at his home, fighting bladder cancer over the years. he covered high-profile cases, the oj simpson trial. dunne wrote books and produced films. he was 83 years old. the governor of south carolina will stay put despite calls for his resignation. calls from the state's lieutenant-governor. he sena letter to the lieutenant-governor today in the letter he refused to step down. sanford told bower that he will not be in his words railroaded. two months ago sanford admitted
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an affair with a woman from south america. his wife and kids have moved out of the governor's mansion. state officials are asking for an ethics probe of sanford's use of state aircraft. espn zone in downtown d.c. was turned into a sound stage. ♪ i did it my ♪ ♪ i know that my ♪ reach out for me >> the washington nationals hosted star spangled singoff. each contestant sang for 30 second. judges will select a winner to perform at a home game. pretty good. >> fst guy was fabulous. >> f
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the tonight show is up next. >> we'll leave you with a final look at the tribute to senator ted kennedy. >> the work goes on. the hope still lives. and the dream sthhall never die. ♪

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